Sunday, November 27, 2011

Outside Display 2011

I finished the outside display this weekend.  Most was done on Thanksgiving but I had some left over lights and well you can't have left over strings of lights.  Here are the finished pictures.  I did add a couple hundred more lights after I took these pictures but this still shows what our display looks like. 

I have some of these hooked up to music so I'll have to get a video and post that for everyone to see. 

I finished the inside today as well so I'll get you some pictures of the inside later this week. 

Let me know what you think -

 This last one is my purple LED tree.  I purchased 600 LED C5's and the tree turned out awesome.  I want to purchase some Greed C5's for my large tree after Christmas this year so I can continue to switch everything over to LED. 

Right now the display is a little too blue with all the LED's so I only want to add Green or Red for next year as I buy more LED's. 

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