Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lights ON

2011 Christmas Lights are officially on.  I'm not actually 100% done but I would say I'm about 95% there.  I wanted to get all the electrical on and running tonight to make sure I still had some power left. 

After 10 years in this house I think I have finally figured out the electrical, how much I can put on each circuit without blowing the circuit, or the entire house (well that's another story).  And trust me I put alot on each one.  If a fire marshall ever came to inspect my yard I'd be shut down.  I LOVE LED's just because you can string so many sets together and not exceed the maximum allowed (which I might do occassionally). 

This yearI built some arches leading up to the front door and I put these new Shooting Star large icicles on the front arch and they turned out great.

Here is my front yard, again it's not done but you won't see much more.  The lights are to music so in this picture a few lights are out (like the large tree in the front) because of the timing of the music.

Tomorrow when I get home from work I'll put the finishing touches on and then call it done!

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