Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1st

Can you believe it is already the first day of December?  As much as I plan and prepare for the holiday season it always creeps up on me and I never have enough time to enjoy it.

I've been out of town working all week so that explains why I haven't posted. 

Unfortunately record winds whipped around Southern California and I'm told half my decorations are down at home :(  My husband said he'll work on them tomorrow so there is hope the display will be up and running again soon.  I'm flying back home late tomorrow so I can also work on it Saturday. 

I'll get some inside pictures taken and posted this weekend.

In the meantime I couldn't resist to take some time while here in San Francisco and walk over to Union Square to enjoy the Christmas Lights.  Take a look at the awesome tree -

The tree is a light green with a large red star on top.  Then the palms around the square were all wrapped in clear mini lights.

Hope all of you are getting your house decorated and lights up!

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