Thursday, November 10, 2011

Today was the start of our outdoor Christmas Display. We actually got alot accomplished.  My husband always threatens to strike and not put out lights but in the end he comes thru for me.  Because we're  still weeks out from Thanksgiving we can't do the entire yard but we can do the house, fences and even a few bushes.

In total we put up about 7000 lights today so we made very good progress.  We have a two story house so the upper tier is always done first.  Two years ago I converted the entire house over to LED which has allowed me to have more lights out, oh and of course save electricity (wrong!).  Both stories get LED C5's in multi color lights with multi color LED icicle lights underneath.  I then added in motion lights around the garage and the upstairs shutters.  Next are some white framed figures we put on the roof.  I really need to come up with something different for the roof next year.  I think I need a airblown santa in a helicopter landing on the roof.   

So besides the upper tier we got most of the lower tier done, just above the garage has to be finished.  I did a green christmas tree out of green lights and I covered some of the larger bushes in net lights.

I would say we made good but not great progress.  Tomorrow is my husbands birthday so no Christmas decorating tomorrow.  I will fit in a Home Depot run for some supplies!  Saturday it is supposed to rain but if it doesn't I'll be back out there.  Wish me luck that it doesn't rain until Monday!

I'll get some pictures posted this weekend.

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