Monday, September 30, 2013

Garden Ridge Christmas

I have been out traveling for work for most of the last month but we don't have Garden Ridge stores in CA so when I saw one here in Chicago I just had to go.  Well the Christmas isn't 100% set up but I was in love.  I thought Hobby Lobby display was huge, I was wrong!  Garden Ridge prices and displays are unique and I could barely contain myself.  This was a 12' artificial tree for $399.  Great price and it looked fairly full. 

I have been looking for a nice crystal deer and sleigh and they had them.  Now I could check them as extra luggage but that would be an additional 20 and 30.00 dollars for taking them on the airplane.  Oh it is soooo tempting!

They had an entire wall, probably 100' of just yard stakes.  So many Snowmen!

Here is the crystal sleigh.  A little small but if I could get them home I so would.

Probably 50 or 60 trees of all shapes and sizes to choose from. 

I did manage to buy a couple of could you not!  I bought two gingerbread men that are not lit but I can add a couple hundred lights to it and attach a stake to it and I have my gingerbread men I have been looking for.  I'll post pictures once I finish them off. 

Bought a similiar snowman and I'll get some lights behind it as well but I think I'll hang it from my front window on the outside.  And in case your curious they just did fit into the suitcase!

They also have Menards here so have to figure a night to go hit that store next.  I might need to buy an extra suitcase.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's almost Christmas time again!!!

Can you believe it is only 98 days until Christmas!!!  I wait all year long for this time of the year and now it seems like it is too close.  I have way too much to do :)  So join me over the next 100 days or so as we prepare for Christmas together.  I would love to hear from some of you when you start your prep and displays/ plans for Christmas so let's get started.....