Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Christmas Elf

My very own Christmas Elf is my son, Bryce.  He is 10 and loves the fact that we have been on the Temecula City Bus tour for Christmas Lights.  Each night he watches for the bus and then goes out to greet the bus and hands out Christmas Canes to everyone on the bus.  I love going out with him.  Being in a gated community it is a shame that more people cannot enjoy the light display we put on so this is great to see everyone excited about our lights. 

Hope we place again next year so we can continue to be on the bus tour!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Indoor Christmas Display

You can't just decorate the outside when the inside is just as important (well almost as important).  So here are several pictures of our inside decorations.

this is the main living room tree.  Decorations are similiar to last years tree so next year I'll have to come up with a new look with different ribbon and topper.  We just loved it so much last year we repeated it again this year. 

I love these jars.  I take the bags of fake snow and fill up the bottom of the jar and then just layer in a variety of red and silver ornaments to get a great eclectic look. 

I found this guy at Home Goods this year and knew I had to have him.  There's always room for another santa in my house :)

I'll share more pictures later.  Busy watching Christmas shows on TV now.  I love this time of the year!!!

The SIGN!!!

Isn't this a great sign.  Well to be honest it's great because it is in my yard!  Just had to show it off a little. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Took 3rd Place in the Temecula Lights contest


Our light display took 3rd place in the Temecula Light Festival.  I have never placed in the City wide competion, only in the Redhawk community.  I had given up hope years ago that I would place and then they notified me today!

Our house is also on the bus tour for the city of Temecula for the next two weeks.  I guess they didn't mind our gated community after all.

Obviously I am very excited.  My husband asked what did we win.  We win a sign!  Well not really, they give us a sign for our display announcing the third place but they take it back 12/20 :)  I'm good with the bragging rights though.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

19 Days Until Christmas...

Considering how long I look forward to the Christmas season and how I plan all year long it is absolutely insane to think that Christmas is in just 19 days!  I still have so much more I want to do :)

Tonight is the judging night for the Temecula, CA Holiday Lights Contest.  I came home and made sure all the decorations were picked up.  We have been having record winds with gusts up to 80 mph so you can imagine I had a bit of a mess with downed decorations.  Actually I was impressed with how many stayed standing and were anchored down properly. 

It has rained the last three years on judging night so I definately will take wind over rain anytime. 

I never place in the Temecula City contest but I usually place in the Redhawk Community contest so wish me well!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1st

Can you believe it is already the first day of December?  As much as I plan and prepare for the holiday season it always creeps up on me and I never have enough time to enjoy it.

I've been out of town working all week so that explains why I haven't posted. 

Unfortunately record winds whipped around Southern California and I'm told half my decorations are down at home :(  My husband said he'll work on them tomorrow so there is hope the display will be up and running again soon.  I'm flying back home late tomorrow so I can also work on it Saturday. 

I'll get some inside pictures taken and posted this weekend.

In the meantime I couldn't resist to take some time while here in San Francisco and walk over to Union Square to enjoy the Christmas Lights.  Take a look at the awesome tree -

The tree is a light green with a large red star on top.  Then the palms around the square were all wrapped in clear mini lights.

Hope all of you are getting your house decorated and lights up!