Thursday, November 15, 2012

7 Days Until Thanksgiving!

Okay panic has officially set in.  Can you believe that I only have 7 days to get my outdoor light display done?  The worst part is I'm out of town for business all week so there really isn't anything I can do about it. 

Fortunately I took vacation last week and we did get quit a bit done.  The weather was awesome for the first three days so we did almost everything on the house, entrance, fence, tree's and a few bushes.  I know I could have done a little bit more but I think I did about 98% of what I could do last week.  The biggest issue is that with the weather as nice as it is we will need to mow the lawn at least one more time before I can fill the yard with all the Christmas decorations.  Plus having Christmas decorations filling my lawn for two weeks before Thanksgiving is even over the top for ME!

So....I'm left with this coming Saturday and Sunday to finish my outside display.  This is definately possible IF the rain holds off.  Hence the panic.  If I listen to one weather site it says rain all weekend, yet another one has rain Thursday only.  So let the rain gods be nice to me!

I don't have many pictures of what we have accomplished since the electrical isn't hooked up yet but I did want to take a few to share.

This is just lights shaped to make a Christmas Tree.  I used red C6 LED's to create this one at the end of my property.  I hope to do at least two others closer to the house along the fence.
okay this is way too wimpy, need to double the lights.  Fortunately I just happen to have more!
Not done but a preview. 
 I always check my lights before I put them up.  Of course this time I forgot to check the arches when I put them up and two are out.  I worked on them Saturday and I'm down to the front one not working.  Unfortunately all the top strings and icicles are run from the first arch so those are all out as well.   Gotta love it!

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