Sunday, November 18, 2012

4 Day Countdown

Thank you to the rain gods for holding off all rain this weekend!

We were able to get almost the entire Christmas Outdoor Yard display set!  I need to add a few more multi-colored lights in the bushes and I have three things out in the display but other than that I have everything set. Normally I am out doing all the electrical on Wednesday/Thursday of Thanksgiving so it's a great feeling to be this far on Sunday.

Unfortunately the neighborhood associations sprinkler system is located at the end of our property and it is leaking really bad.  Didn't discover it until Saturday so I couldn't put the final lights for the bushes in that area along with a Santa I'm placing there.

Now, I'm never happy with the first run of the lights so I need to get home early enough to try out all the sensors at night (our entire display is on light sensors set to turn on at dusk).  Then I can see what changes or additions I need to make.  I still have some lights left over (now that never happens!) so I just want to think about it for a day and then see them all lit at night and make a decision on what still to do.

Here are some pictures of the display during the day.  Obviously the display looks 100% better at night!

 Not happy with the gap between the airblown polar bear to the far left of the picture and the row of four polar bears .  I'm going to have to move something forward or look for something this week.
I did the curved arches in the front last year so this year I made 6 more to be able to have three on each side of the driveway.  Then I was able to move the candy canes I used to have along the driveway to the long fence along the side of my yard.  That is one long fence.  Much longer than the picture shows.  

All the Penguins!  New this year is the little airblown mailbox to the middle right behind the lighted penguins.

The train is small and I did fix the top to the last car but isn't he cute!  Added new for this year.

So I have three days and Thanksgiving itself to get my display set.  Unfortunately I work everyday but I'll still find time!

Here's my to do list -

  • Fix the see saw - it's not lighting and one I always have problems with!
  • Fix the first arch in my entryway - one set of
  • Figure out why the lights running along the top of my arches don't work - might be the set that is out!
  • Fix one present - might be the controller so I need to figure that out first.
  • I still have multi colored C6 lights so I might place those on the back fence.
  • Use green lights to build a Christmas Tree from the tree along my fence line.
  • Use the remaining multi, red, and green light sets.
  • Decide if I'm going to use the clear icicle lights anywhere in the yard.
  • Fix the gap between the polar bears with something.
Ok so maybe I still have a little bit more to do then I realized!  I can get all this done Thursday after work so no worries!  Of course once I have it lit I'm sure I'll make some changes or additions to the display but I still was able to get alot accomplished this weekend!!!

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