Saturday, December 10, 2011

Indoor Christmas Display

You can't just decorate the outside when the inside is just as important (well almost as important).  So here are several pictures of our inside decorations.

this is the main living room tree.  Decorations are similiar to last years tree so next year I'll have to come up with a new look with different ribbon and topper.  We just loved it so much last year we repeated it again this year. 

I love these jars.  I take the bags of fake snow and fill up the bottom of the jar and then just layer in a variety of red and silver ornaments to get a great eclectic look. 

I found this guy at Home Goods this year and knew I had to have him.  There's always room for another santa in my house :)

I'll share more pictures later.  Busy watching Christmas shows on TV now.  I love this time of the year!!!

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