Saturday, September 1, 2012

Themed Christmas Trees

It's actually September 1st!  I wait all year for Christmas to arrive and just hearing that it is September means fall and after fall comes CHRISTMAS!

Suddenly I'm thinking of all the items I want to get done for this years display both inside and out!

My first project needs to be my largest formal Christmas tree - I went with a green/gold theme for my formal living room tree the last two years so I really need a change in colors.  It looked great but I need a new look.  Any ideas?  The room already has some green's in it so I need to go with something along those lines or a compliment to green.    I need to establish the color scheme before I can create the tree. I am leaning towards brown and a mid green color.  Let the search begin.

In the meantime check out some of these great trees, any work for you?

White & Silver but I love the over sized dramatic ornaments.

I just love these themed trees!  Hmmm, where could I find a spot to duplicate this tree???

Love the pop of color with this aqua blue tree

Great surprise in color with pink and silver.

Is there really a tree in their?  Too cute!

So I still haven't found that perfect color scheme yet but heck, half the fun is shopping!

Let me know what your doing this year?

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