Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wine Themed Christmas Tree

Okay I have decided on a Wine Themed Christmas Tree for my husband's "man cave".  It's actually a Poker room with a bar and a large wine cabinet.  I place a small tree on top of a wine barrel each year in here but I haven't found that perfect tree theme yet.

Loved my lime green tinsel tree with jewel themed ornaments but just didn't fit into this room.  Last year went with a basic tree with gingerbread/candy themed display with pink ribbon...that lasted one day :)

So it's Wine Theme this year.  Started looking at wine ornaments but I don't want it too store bought so I'm going to attempt to make some of the decorations.  Now if I could just get a day off to do some crafting!

Figure the colors will be a deep purple and green for ribbon and I'll include some grape clusters on the tree in different sizes (found some in Hobby Lobby that will work great).  I told my husband I need lots of wine corks but he doesn't seem to be in a wine drinking mood.  I think he should drink a couple of bottles a day :) so I have plenty of corks.  Figure I can attach a ribbon or small decoration to the cork and hang them on the tree.  Buy a couple of pre made ornaments and that should fill in the tree nicely.  Now, what do I do for a tree topper?  Ok I'll have to work on that one.

Check out some cool wine Christmas decorations I found while looking around -

This wreath is more for the fall season but I could tweak the look and add in some Christmas flair.

Here are some of the styles of store bought decorations that are available in the stores.

Now if only I had some more room in my house this would be awesome!!!


  1. We have started drinking a bottle a day for your wine decorations. The sacrifices we make for family! But according to your countdown we will only have 95 corks by Christmas at this rate.

    1. Now if I could just get more wino's to step forward and drink more between now and Thanksgiving I'd be all set :)