Thursday, May 24, 2012

Is it too early to start planning your 2012 display?

So, I'm walking thru Hobby Lobby today and they are clearing out of a lot of merchandise so I overhear a customer asking why and the associate said "To make way for our Christmas Merchandise"....I was in shock!  Good shock, but shock non the less.

We didn't have Hobby Lobby open last year but I have heard they set Christmas earlier than most stores.  However, even I would be shocked if they set in June.

My mind has been racing though trying to figure out what to do different for my 2012 Christmas Display for outdoors.  Inside I want to do different this year to but it really is all about the outside :)

Checkout this great picture that was just posted, see I'm not the only one thinking it's not too early to start planning...

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