Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tomorrow is Halloween!

Now I know that to the rest of the world tomorrow is all about celebrating Halloween and enjoying a great Holiday and I do get that.  However, for me it means I get to start decorating for Christmas the next day!  So tomorrow Halloween, Nov. 1st is all about packing up Halloween and then it is finally time to get to work and create my Christmas wonderland for 2012!!!

Since I can't decorate quite yet I worked on my wreaths again tonight.  Moved the brown wreath to the informal dining room off the kitchen since it matches the brown drapes.  I still need to find my ribbon tub so I can replace the wreath hanger with some wide ribbon tying it to the rod.

I then finished off my second wreath.  My glass ball wreath with gold and a deep red color.  it didn't turn out nearly as nice as my brown one and I think the difference is not using any matte bulbs.  this will be hung off this mirror but with wire ribbon so I can center it on the mirror.  Now where is that ribbon tub! 

Well it was still early so I went on and tried another quick craft project.

These were so easy to complete.  I simply took glass vases and wrapped a piece of thick metallic scrapbook paper around them and created a completely different look for a candle holder.

This is a great project for a beginner and relatively cheap.  I had most of the items already laying around in my house so this cost me just $1.00.

You'll need a glass vase, spray adhesive and a sheet of scrapbook paper or something equivalent to this.    I also used a paper cutter from scrapbooking in order to get a straight line.

Just cut the paper to the right size to wrap around the vase with a slight 1/4" overlap.  Spay the adhesive to the paper and then line the paper up to the side of the vase and then just roll the paper around the vase.  On the large one I managed to roll it perfect the first time.  The second one, well let's just say it took a few more tries!   I bought a couple more sheets in complimentary patterns all with the same silver look to them.
I plan on putting candles inside and then lining up about five of them together on a sideboard or location off to the side in a room.

Next time you hear from me I will be        
updating everyone on how the Christmas
Decorations are going up.  Watch out for
lot's of pictures this year!

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